Short Story: Wolf and The Stray Dog


Short Story: Wolf and The Stray Dog

Once there was a famine in the jungle. So  Poor old Bondo, the wolf, was always getting into trouble as he had nothing to eat and drink so he walked into the villages near by to see whether he could get something to eat and give him energy.  Then he met a stray dog, chased away from home and reduced to skin and bones from hunger, Bondo yelped with joy. 

‘Now I’m going to make a meal of you,’ he said. 

‘Skinny as I am?’ answered the dog, ‘You’d be better off fattening me up a bit, first.’ 

Bondo the wolf thought this was a good idea. He took him to the jungle and both got the hidden stores of many other animals . The stray dog got stronger and healthier .But by the time that the dog had become fat enough to eat, he had also become strong enough to frighten the wolf away, just by baring his teeth. 

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