Nasreddin Hodja’s Wife

Nasreddin Hodja's Wife

Nasreddin Hodja’s Wife was pregnant. One night, her labor pains started  and Hodja called the neighbours and the midwife. Soon, they called out from Nasreddin Hodja’s Wife room and said,”Hodja! You have a son!”

He was very happy. A fewminutes later, the midwife called out  again,

Hodja! You also have a girl.” After a little while, she called out again,

Hodja! he said; you have another girl!

Hodja, who had been waiting in front of his wife’s room, rushed  into the room and bleww off the candle.

“What are you doing?” asked the surprised women.

“Well! Everyone who sees the light wants to come out. What else  can I do?” he answered.

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