A famous American golfer is invited to go to China for a golfing tournament.

From the second he gets there, he is treated like a king. He is given five-star treatment in a five-star hotel until the day of the tournament.

The night before the tournament, he is sitting in his hotel room watching TV. A hot Asian girl walks up to his room and he says, “Wow. They must really love me here.”

He begins to have sex with her the whole night. She continues to scream, “Chung Hoi! Chung Hoi!,” but he ignores it.

At the tournament, the American golfer gets a hole-in-one and gets really excited.

He starts yelling, “Chung Hoi! Chung Hoi!”

One of the Chinese golfers says, “What do you mean ‘WRONG HOLE‘?”

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